Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poltergeists: A Thing of the Past?

       The stories of possible poltergeist hauntings that I have read are all from before this century. Upon realizing this, I began to wonder: are poltergeists a thing of the past?
       Classic fairytales and fables were created long ago, when storytelling was often used to entertain and pass the time. Reports of "poltergeist activity" could have derived from tales such as these, or perhaps people just had a better imagination in that time. Well, when I came across this website, I was shocked to read about modern day hauntings that are taking place as I type this.
       Two weeks ago, a man submitted this story to the website, which he titled: His Fire Burns Dark. To read the entire story you can click on the link. In summary, a poltergeist who allowed for himself to be seen angered the author greatly. His autistic daughter was having a bad day, and when he asked why she said, "Because you aren't even scared of that ghost."
       He knew that neither him nor his wife had discussed the ghost in front of the girl, so he replied, "That's right, I'm not scared. Do you know where the ghost is right now?"
       His daughter answered, "He's standing right behind you." This made the father extremely mad because the ghost had dared to show himself to the daughter. After inquiring his daughter some more he discovered that the ghost's name was Tank, but due to her condition she quickly lost interest in the subject. Later on, he discovered that the original deeds to the property had once belonged to a women whose son was Jacob "Hank" McIntire.

       This story was also posted to the site two weeks ago, and it was titled: The Night It Screamed. To read the entire story you can click on the link. In summary, Cheryl Stevens, who was seventeen at the time, was asked to babysit. During the night, while the baby was sleeping, she heard loud bangs on the wall above her head, as though someone were trying to hit her but just missing. She was frightened because, aside from the baby, she was there alone. She looked around in the room on the other side of the wall but found nothing, and then decided to make sure that the baby was alright. Later on, when she was in the living room again, a sudden loud, drawn-out scream filled the room. No one else was there, but it frightened her so badly that she herself screamed and left the room. When she re-entered, she felt as though she'd be attacked by being in there, and resided in the baby's room until the parents returned. While Cheryl was recalling the events that took place while they were gone, the parents informed her that a women had been brutally murdered in that living room by an invader in the early 1900's. Cheryl then informed them that she would not return to babysit for them ever again.
       After reading these recollections of unexplainable events, do you find it difficult to shrug off the idea of poltergeists being a modern day reality? So, as I asked myself, I now ask you: are poltergeists a thing of the past?

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