Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bloggin' about Gloggin'!

       Imagine being able to create a poster that could have a video playing on it and speakers emitting sound. That's a pretty good idea; an idea that could make presentations more interesting and creative. Well, this idea is now a reality thanks to Glogster.
       Glogster is a website designed for people to simply create their own online posters. It has a set of tools that is simple and direct for people to add in images, text, graphics, audio, and video. I was able to easily navigate through it to create my first glog without any tutorials to aid me, and it turned out fine.
       Glogster can be accessed by anybody through the internet, so each glog you create has unique privacy settings whether you want it public or private. There is also an educational branch of Glogster, edu.glogster, and  this allows for the website to easily be used in the classroom. It is a secure learning environment seeing as how glogs can be private outside of the class the student is a part of. Receiving feedback on a school project is also made easier by this great program because the teacher, as well as the students, can comment on each other's glogs, and all comments can be moderated.
       So, to any teachers out there who are tired of having glitter covered floors after making "unique and creative" (or in my words, messy) posters, try Glogster! If you're fed up with sticky glue making appearances in your classroom, or complaints from parents when kids return home splattered with paint, bring Glogster into your classroom! Even if you're one of the lucky teachers who seem to have no problem with messy crafts, Glogster offers a fun new way to teach what could be boring lessons, and creating a glog could be an interesting homework assignment.
       Whether in the classroom or just for fun, Glogster is a fresh new look at online presentations and editing that is straightforward and fun! 

This is the first glog I made about the uses of Glogster:

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