Monday, June 20, 2011

Making a Difference: One Laptop at a Time

       In class, we received a very vague, though interesting, assignment. "Make a Difference. Incorporate technology (into this)." The possibilites for this were huge, just as the final result could be. Two of my classmates and I decided to support the non-profit organization One Laptop Per Child. This organization donates laptops to children in third world countries to help further their limited education. Donating laptops, even just one, could make a tremendous difference to a child's life.
       To expand upon that, it would not just affect a single child. If the education in developing countries were to evolve into the education in our society, people would have more opportunites for specialized jobs, and not have to go to war as an only resort. With more people having jobs, there would be a rise in the economy of developing countries since income would be made so products could be purchased. So far the difference is: a more developed world. With less people joining the army in poor countries, there would be less soldiers. Without soldiers, wars do not thrive. Soon, wars would be in less demand and, in a perfect world, come to an end.
       A single donation of a laptop equals world peace. Dramatic? Absolutely, but this is just a theoretical possibility that I hope our world may one day achieve.
       So, did the three of us make a difference? Well, in the month we had to complete our assignment, we spoke at a community event to raise awareness of this cause, set up donation boxes at the stores where we work, and wrote letters to local business in request for donations. Our end total was over $600.00, which is the equivalent of three laptops. If a single laptop can equal world peace, what could be the result of three?

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  1. I love your logic and applaud your efforts!!

    The power of technology is in its power to connect people not just skill them ... we know education (or the lack of it) is one reason why developing countries are 'developing' but one of the other big factors is lack of organisation in terms of government and social infrastrucure. This program isn't just about education, it's also about connecting people within and between countries.

    Well done for raising the profile and connecting a few more world citizens together.