Monday, June 13, 2011

Reflecting Upon Glogster

       I have to admit that although Glogster can be a fun website to make creative presentations, it did not exactly teach me anything about myself. I already knew that I was not a strong visual learner, and teaching myself how to use the website reinforced that. Glogster was a boost to my confidence when I figured out how to use the tools myself and how to navigate the website and glog design area, and perhaps I will be more sure of myself in the future when it comes to trying out new technology.
       When it comes to teaching others, Glogster was not beneficial to me. I could help others when they are first learning how to use the website, though I wouldn't be able to show them anything that they would not have been able to figure out by themselves within a short matter of time.
       On the other hand, I can see myself using Glogster as a visual aid for speeches and other presentations in the classroom. Friends of mine may use the interesting website as a way to edit pictures or to "poster" themselves. Teachers of younger students could bring edu.glogster into the classroom as a way to keep their students and themselves up-to-date with modern technology. The website could also be used to make what may be seen as a boring subject interesting and fun to learn. Students preparing to graduate may use the website as a unique way to create invitations to their graduation.

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